Flock Web Browser: Favorite Feature

January 13, 2006 at 11:22 am | Posted in Flock | Leave a comment

This has got to be a quick post.  I’m due at work, however I just have to share my newest, most favorite, Flock web browser feature!

The Technorati search bar!  It’s the easiest way to poke your head into the blogosphere and find only the stuff you want from that huge conversation.  It’s great for getting a lot of current event information on a specific topic.

And now it’s built into the menu bar of every Flock installation right out of the box… or fresh off the download!

BTW, Flock works on any system and it’s built on top of the popular Firefox web browser.  Give it a chance, especially if you’re a blogger.  I have for almost two months and I’m here to stay!
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